cedCed Pharaoh was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. A lifelong bookworm; his earliest favorites were comic books/graphic novels, mysteries (Encyclopedia Brown, Sherlock Holmes etc), thrillers, poetry, non-fiction biographies and sci-fi/fantasy! He's been writing poetry since 3rd grade but it was a book called The Legend of Tarik by Walter Dean Myers really was a defining moment that sparked him to write his own fantasy/sci-fi stories.

Throughout the years, he's used his love of photography and writing in various positionsand opportunities to create bios, media releases, advertising copy and voice-overscripts. Ced has a blog, 360BEYOND where he highlights indie artists and other creative ideas.

Ced is working on his series, The Legacy Chronicles and in 2012, he published the collection of dark fantasy poetry, Watch The Shadows: The Legacy Chronicles Book 1. He is busy working on the novel, Urban Mage | The Legacy Chronicles Book 2 slated for 2015.

In addition, his cyberfunk short story, Edge Of Innocence will be released in the upcoming The City | CyberFunk Anthology, published by MVMedia Publishing. Married in front of thousands at The African Festival Of Arts, he resides in Chicago, Illinois with his Wife, Nicole and Son.

Ced Pharaoh is available for interviews, freelance assignments and general contact at nkosipublishing@gmail.com.


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